Pelvic Lift


The Pelvic Lift is a humane & effective device to lift & transport “downer” cows (Recumbent Cows).


Unique Support

The Pelvic Lift’s unique design enables, when lifting a cow, for 50% of the weight to be taken on the hips with the other 50% taken via the pelvic seat, being positioned under the middle of the pelvis, above the udder. Once the cow is standing, the pelvic seat assist with any further weight support, significantly replacing the weight pressure on the hips, taken traditionally with hip clamps. This means there is less lift pain and less trauma to the hips, with more effective standing, more possible lifts, less sulking and increased recovery times.


Lift and transport

The combined action of the webbing brisket strap evenly lifts the cow. The cow lifts are horizontal as the 2 lift points are matched – this allows safe transportation to a suitable recovery area. The Pelvic Lift also features a quick release mechanism.


Pelvic seat

The pelvic seat support location is in the central and underneath aspect of the pelvic bone. This ensures the hips do not take the weight to assist a cow standing. This action also facilitates the animal’s lower back to be straight & aligned, unlike hip clamps, where the weight of the hind legs being behind the hip clamp lift point, tilts the lower back and spine downwards which places further pressure on the lower back and pelvic spinal nerves.This is often the location of the initial damage resulting in the cow being down and is important to protect when standing and in particular transporting.




Auto counter-levers in position

The Pelvic Lift takes about 10 minutes to apply. They are then ready to be transported over considerable distances. You just need to simply apply the hip clamp component over the cow’s hip and tighten and the tractor lifting action then self locates & drives the pelvic support system under the pelvis. The tractor does the work of positioning the pelvic seat. It is such a unique and simple action and works every time.


Large and small; Dairy and beef

Pelvic lIft is suitable for large dairy & beef cows & smaller heifers. Once a cow is lifted, she can stand and be released, or sat down again or preferably be transported and lifted into a RiserTank to further assist her recovery process.


The Pelvic Lift replaces the need to use hip clamps.




“The Pelvic Lift is quick & easy to use & supports the cow well”

Grant Williams

Hallora, West Gippsland

“The Pelvic Lift is brilliant to use & the easiest way to move cows a long distance. The cow is very comfortable with the extra pelvic support.”

Ben Clarke

BCDC Holdings, Taree, Mid North Coast NSW

“I found the Pelvic Lift the best way to lift cows – it’s very easy to use”

Paul Jeffery

P & J Jeffery Family Trust, Camperdown, Western Victoria